Delivering the best programme possible means understanding what works and what doesn’t work. This means listening to the community and the programme delivery team.

In collaboration with Allen + Clarke, Standard of Proof delivered an evaluation that examined the benefits of a Careers New Zealand Study Tour involving delegates from 19 different Pacific nations. We used a story-telling approach, eliciting rich stories about the realised benefits of the programme for delegates. The stories provided compelling, first-hand experiences of the breadth of programme benefits.

Participants also identified the factors that contributed to success, and generated ideas on how these benefits can be further built upon and sustained over time. These suggestions provided useful information on how the programme can be further improved in the most relevant way for everyone involved.

We were pleased to deliver a cost-effective approach to documenting the benefits of the programme. Our client has been able to use these positive experiences to build upon success, provide learning for the future, and proof of benefits for the programme funder and stakeholders.