The Duncan Foundation provides support for people living with neuromuscular conditions, and the health professionals who treat and support them. They provide new and essential clinical services to improve the lives of New Zealanders with neuromuscular conditions including a range of comprehensive services and resources through their website and a national network of specialist clinics and health professionals.

Our support

Standard of Proof was engaged by the Duncan Foundation for assistance in evaluating its impact and effectiveness. Working in a clinical environment, the Duncan Foundation had a good understanding of measurement. Standard of Proof provided advice and feedback on methods of data collection as well as on the Theory of Change, survey design and survey questions formulation.  This service was in the form of a call down arrangement. Standard of Proof advised on draft plans and survey questions. Regular video calls were also used to explore evaluative issues and approaches which the Duncan Foundation used to improve its data collection.

Working remotely through clinicians was challenging for the Duncan Foundation. Data was not easily captured from patients, some of whom did not return to the clinics for further assistance. As such, it was difficult to determine if the assistance they received was sufficient. Standard of Proof advised on methods for capturing contact details so as to follow up with people and or exploring other available records, enabling the Duncan Foundation to gain a better understanding of the impact of their work.