Understanding your audience priority needs helps determine what an effective client-focused service delivery model could look like. This means listening to the community and summarising their responses in ways that best represent their views.

Standard of Proof helped the Public Libraries of New Zealand to better understand communities’ priority needs across New Zealand.

We used a sample survey approach; working in partnership with Buzz Channel to collect data from large numbers of our target community, we measured individuals’ priorities for library services using an effective and efficient data collection approach.

We used a range of techniques to:

  • identify and present focused and meaningful data rather than presenting too much detail (factor analytic techniques)
  • compare clusters of citizens according to their priority service needs (parametric statistical approaches)
  • estimate the results to reflect the wider communities efficiently (weighting and statistical estimation)

The analysis provided robust evidence about citizens’ need-to-have and nice-to-have services, enabling the local libraries to adapt their amenities to best meet their local communities’ needs.

We were pleased to deliver a cost-effective approach to gathering evidence. Our client has been able to use the evidence to inform future library service delivery in New Zealand.

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